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synthetic felt wool

Needle-punched synthetic felt is available in pieces (also in combination with fabrics), slabs, tubular and discs in different thicknesses, densities and colours. It can then be provided sheared in the desired shapes. In particular, in the field of filtration. We have a chart of 48 colours and a variety of weights and compositions and, at the customer's request, they can be produced in other colours or weights.

Felt is a material without a right or wrong side and easy to cut cleanly without hemming. It has a pleasant appearance and touch, with bright, durable colours. It can also be sewn, glued, stretched, fixed with adhesive and shaped. It is used to decorate windows and cover exhibition stands, for toys, games and costumes, gaming and conference tables and for making furniture.

FELT. A special type of fabric obtained by compressing and wool fibres or animal hair and treating them with aqueous solutions. It is used to make padding and mattresses.

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